Spark customers are preventing 0 tonnes of CO2 emissions*

Carbon investing made easy

Spark is the innovative financial instrument that simplifies carbon investing. Invest today, prevent pollution tomorrow.

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For every Spark held by customers a government-issued carbon credit is automatically purchased and held in reserve. The transaction is reconciled to the blockchain, creating a tamper-proof ledger. More Spark means fewer credits to go around, forcing emitters to cut their pollution levels or invest in cleaner technology.

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Spark makes investing in carbon as easy as investing in the stock market, with low fees, pricing and liquidity to match the underlying asset, and automated reporting.

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Spark is a leading green financial instrument, with vast societal impact. Invest in Spark to automatically prevent global pollution.

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Spark uses advanced cryptography to preserve transactional trust, and is fully automated to make carbon purchasing easier, cheaper and more widely adopted.

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  • We have thought a lot about how to build a strategy for our exposure to carbon. A global price is that solution.”

    Head of Global Sustainability, Dutch Pension Fund $100Bn+
  • Your product could establish a commodity class for carbon, reducing regulatory risk and increasing the attractiveness of investing in carbon.”

    International Sustainability Accounting Non-Profit Organization
  • Exactly the product we are looking for! We have been working to create a shadow carbon price by investing in specific markets.”

    US Family Foundation $68MM under management
  • All of our clients have an ESG mandate. I could see a carbon price be a useful tool in a trading strategy.”

    European Asset Management firm €250Bn+ under management
  • We believe energy transition will have long term opportunities and risks. This mechanism sounds like it would be a trading strategy to complement our time horizon.”

    Global Insurance and Asset Management Firm €50Bn+ under management

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