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Introducing our Head of Trading Operations: Anthony Gordon

November 26, 2020 in People

Our Head of Trading Operations, Anthony Gordon, reveals what makes SparkChange unique, the appeal of the company’s mission, and the challenges faced while delivering our technological vision.

Q1. What are some highlights from your professional career in finance? 
I‘ve enjoyed learning and teaching. Fundamentally, finance isn’t about money – it’s about people. The money is just the raw material that the people work with. Competition in finance means that unless people are learning and teaching, business can leak away very quickly.

I particularly enjoyed being involved in the launch and development of several Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) products in Europe (including one of the very first launches back in 2001). ETFs have made low-cost diversified portfolios available to retail & institutional investors alike – a truly democratising development.

I’ve enjoyed the ‘Eureka’ moments too; when an impenetrable problem suddenly becomes solvable, usually because you’ve started looking at it from another angle, or because you’ve made some respectable simplifying assumptions. 

Anthony Gordon is Head of Trading Operations at SparkChange Group
Anthony Gordon is Head of Trading Operations at SparkChange

Q2. Why was SparkChange a match for you? 
The engineer in me has always been interested in energy efficiency, and in doing more with less. However, the climate crisis now requires more that people do more than turn their boiler down a notch or two.

The vision at SparkChange is to change the behaviour of governments, firms, and people.

The task at SparkChange is to expose environmental products to the power of finance. Brand new asset classes are not invented very often. At SparkChange we have a chance to do more than develop a product – we can help influence the shape of an entire market. That is a rare chance indeed.
Q3. What are the key challenges in your role?
SparkChange’s clients rightly demand robust environmental product that not only produces the required financial performance but also books neatly into their existing portfolios. Marrying the world of conventional securities into that of environmental product is difficult; if it were easy it would have already been done. To that end, SparkChange has assembled a tremendous team, all of whom are genuine experts in their respective fields – in technology, environmental markets, structuring and in control. The real challenge is in keeping up with their diverse specialisms.