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The Batman and Robin of Decarbonisation: Carbon Allowances and Carbon Offsets

February 22, 2021

Our Head of Research, Jan Ahrens, explains the differences between carbon offsets and carbon allowances and assesses their suitability as Paris-aligned investments.

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Carbon Allowances

Leaked information on the “Fit for 55” reform: What does it means for European carbon allowances?

July 12, 2021

This week the European Commission will issue its formal proposal to reform the EU Emissions Trading System. What are the main changes being put forward?

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Californian Carbon Allowance market ripe for impact investors

June 16, 2021

With investors helping to set record prices, California’s emissions market has burst into life and become a potential key market for impact investing to drive greater climate ambition.

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European Carbon Allowances at Record Levels: time to drive more abatement

June 3, 2021

With the cost of emitting carbon dioxide in Europe at near-record levels, how can we incentivise more abatement?

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Investing in markets Vs. investing in technology

May 20, 2021

Why robust carbon pricing is the key to technological change.

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The Rise of Impact investing: SparkChange’s role in boosting climate ambition

May 10, 2021

A summary of the mechanisms that can help drive scarcity value within the EU Emissions Trading System and how these can benefit impact investors.

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Leaders’ Summit on Climate: good news, but still not enough

April 30, 2021

As major emitters announce new emissions-cutting pledges, the numbers confirm we are still far off what’s required to contain global warming.

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European Carbon Allowances: Summary of Market Characteristics and ICIS Price Forecasts

March 10, 2021

A liquid alternative asset class with uncorrelated returns, strong track record and further upside due to regulatory tailwinds

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Introducing our Head of Research: Jan Ahrens

December 9, 2020

Our Head of Research, Jan Ahrens, tells us about some career highlights, what drew him to Spark Change, and the challenges he's started to tackle since joining us.

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Introducing our Head of Trading Operations: Anthony Gordon

November 26, 2020

Our Head of Trading Operations, Anthony Gordon, reveals what makes SparkChange unique, the appeal of the company’s mission, and the challenges faced while delivering our technological vision.

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SparkChange raises $4.5m, led by Barclays

November 11, 2020

SparkChange Logo

SparkChange, the technology platform that simplifies investing in green financial products, today announced the close of a $4.5m (£3.5m) funding round led by Barclays.

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