Spark customers are preventing 1,435,685 tonnes of CO2 emissions*

The world’s first global carbon price

Spark provides exposure to the international carbon markets, via a single unified platform.

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Until now, the international carbon markets only existed as silos. Spark combines carbon pricing from US, Canadian and European markets, so your impact investing reflects the true global nature of climate change.


Unlike a standard Exchange-Traded Note, Spark’s liquidity matches the underlying carbon markets so you can take large positions or liquidate them just as easily.


Our domain experience is second to none. Rely on us to partner with the industry’s leading carbon exchange, registries and clearing houses, to deliver a seamless service and remove the complexity of carbon investing.

  • Frictionless access to carbon markets
  • Global exposure & reduced concentration risk
  • Low cost alternative to ETFs
  • Fully redeemable
  • Demonstration platform test environment available
  • Institutional investors only


Settlements are completed in real-time and instantly available to download or send via email, saving back office hassle and easing general organisational workflow.

  • Real-time settlement
  • Underlying liquidity
  • Global exposure
  • Low cost
  • 100% Secure
  • Environmental impact at scale


Standard ETF

Simple, transparent

1.5% platform fee

Charged annually, billed on redemption