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Physical carbon.
Now on the stock exchange.

SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC ("SparkChange CO2") is the world’s first physically-backed carbon Exchange-Traded Commodity.

Why SparkChange CO2

Designed to achieve both
impact and potential returns.

Makes physical carbon easily investable; until now, investing in physical carbon has been too operationally challenging for many investors.

First physically-backed carbon EUA product in the world offered on public exchanges (ticker: CO2.L).

Buying a physical allowance – not a derivative of an allowance – means investors prevent pollution in three ways, amplifying impact.

An asset that produces a positive impact and can be re-sold. EUAs are recognised as a “valid” way to achieve global net zero emissions targets.

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Ticker: CO2.L

Why invest.

Scarcity value of EUAs is increasing

An EUA is a “permit to pollute 1 tonne of CO2”. The EU Commission automatically issues fewer EUAs each year in order to decrease CO2 emissions over time, creating upward price pressure and driving scarcity value.

Ensures direct environmental impact

Each SparkChange CO2 is physically-backed by an EUA*. EUAs held within the ETC structure cannot be used by polluters, ensuring direct and positive environmental impact. (In contrast, futures-based products do not affect the supply of EUAs).

Avoids performance drag

SparkChange CO2 avoids the performance drag associated with EUA futures-based products. This drag (known as “contango”) erodes the value of a futures-based investment over time, at the expense of the investor, and has recently been 50-130bp a year.** Historically, it has been much higher. As SparkChange CO2 uses physical EUAs rather than futures, investors will not suffer from this effect.

*Adjusted for accumulated management fee since launch
** Source: EEX settlement prices as 1st Sept 2020: Dec20 futures = €27.75, Dec21 futures = €28.11, or circa 1.30% contango for the year; as at 1st Sept 2021: Dec21 futures =  €60.12, Dec22 futures €60.42, or circa 0.50% contango for the year
EUA price history and 2030 high-low forecasts

Stops carbon emissions

This works in three ways: 1) While SparkChange C02 holds physical EUAs, industrial firms can’t use those EUAs to pollute 2) Under EU law, holding EUAs for twelve months or more triggers additional permits being cancelled in future years 3) As polluters and investors compete for a reduced supply of EUAs, prices may rise until it becomes too expensive for polluters to continue using dirty fossil fuels, incentivising the switch to cleaner energy.

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Investors’ capital is at risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested and should obtain independent advice before making a decision.

The value of the ETC will be affected by movements in the price of the underlying EUAs, the value may go up as well as down.

The abandonment, termination or non-renewal upon expiration of a trading scheme may cause the price of EUAs to fall (potentially to zero).

Any decision to invest should be based on the information contained in the relevant prospectus.

Product Specifications

Key Facts Overview.

  • Inception Date18/10/2021
  • Asset ClassEmissions
  • Base CurrencyEUR
  • TER89 bps
  • Value of EUA Holding
  • Underlying ExposureCarbon EUA
  • Issuer AUM
  • ISINXS2353177293

Key Documents.

  • Factsheet
  • KID
  • Base Prospectus
  • UCITS Eligibility FAQ
  • SparkChange CO2 FAQ
  • SparkChange CO2 Structure Factsheet
  • SparkChange CO2 Deck
  • SparkChange CO2 Guide
  • EU Carbon Market Report (August 22)
  • A Guide to Carbon Markets