About Spark

Spark is the innovative financial instrument that simplifies carbon investing in order to create positive environmental impact at scale. Every Spark customer automatically helps to prevent global pollution.

Spark was founded in 2018 because we believed the international carbon markets should be more accessible. Spark makes it easy to invest in carbon even if you’ve never invested in carbon. With a global carbon index, not only are your investments de-risked but they better reflect the true nature of global climate change.

Unlike traditional ETFs, we are fully automated, saving time, cost and hassle.

More people with access to carbon investing means a bigger impact on the environment.

That doesn’t just change carbon investing. It changes the future of our planet.

Spark. Invest today, prevent pollution tomorrow.


Joff Hamilton-Dick

Joff is a start-up entrepreneur and former Chief Marketing Officer at Jampp, a global technology platform designed to help the world’s fastest growing advertisers expand their customer bases, as well as Chief Revenue Officer at Appatyze, a Facebook in-app advertising exchange, acquired by the owners of Playtech (LSE: PTEC.L) in 2012.


Daniel Barry

Daniel is the former founder of BP’s environmental markets division, a $175m a year business with 22 staff members across 4 continents. He is a leading expert in the clean energy sector with 15+ years leadership experience, a former board member of the International Emissions Trading Association, and provides access to the specialist knowledge and global network required to access regional carbon markets successfully.


Tim Harrison

Tim is a technology entrepreneur and veteran commodity trading, transaction and risk management (CTRM) software engineer. Previously, he held lead developer positions at Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers, Mercuria and Enron, managing global teams to build scalable, robust solutions that supported the business processes associated with trading commodities.


Steffen Buschbacher

Steffen is the former Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer at Capital Suisse LLC - a U.S. based, SEC registered investment bank. Previously, he was Managing Director, Head of Direct Investments for Capital Privé Suisse S.A. – a U.S. and Switzerland based, SEC registered investment advisor firm providing cross border wealth management. Steffen began his career as an investment banking Analyst at Deutsche Bank.