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Spark’s scalable infrastructure combines automation, exchange integration, distributed ledger and advanced cybersecurity.

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Spark’s platform is engineered around distributed ledger technology to seamlessly reconcile our open, public reserve of carbon allowances with the value of Spark held by customers. This transparent, tamper-proof approach removes the need for investors to access the carbon markets directly or via intermediaries, significantly lowering delivery cost and paving the way for automation.


Transaction and data security are of utmost importance to Spark. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure in close partnerships with world-class security experts. Our security measures include the use of Two-Factor Authentication and Microsoft Azure cryptographic key storage to meet the most stringent customer security and compliance requirements and ensure your assets are protected to the highest industry standards


Spark reduces unnecessary cost and complexity associated with manual processes and multiple vendors, delivering an end-to-end solution from trade to settlement. Gain simultaneous market exposure in US, Canada and Europe, with no complex legal set-up and minimal administration.


Our experienced team are on hand to provide technical advice, assistance with onboarding and back office integration support, and are working closely with institutions that share our core mission: to prevent 1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Our solution is the result of fifteen months of research, development and investment in our technology. Our team of engineers is dedicated to enhancing our technical capabilities as we continue to adapt to our customers’ needs. If you think we could do better, please tell us.

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